ICWD Mandate
Presidential Decree No. 198 otherwise known as the Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973 as Amended by Presidential Decree Nos. 768 and 1479 declared a National Policy favoring local operation and control of water systems authorizing the formation of Local Water Districts and providing for the government and administration to facilitate improvement of local water utility granting said administration to facilitate such power as necessary to optimize public service from water utility operations and for the purpose.
ICWD Vision
Iriga City Water District
as a Hallmark of
Efficient Public Service
Providing the Best Quality of Water
to every Resident of Iriga
ICWD Mission

To provide adequate,
safe and affordable water
to the people of Iriga
ICWD Motto

We are at your service!
Office of the General Manager

Romulo M. Corporal Jr., MPA
General Manager
Contact #: +639296622095

Lawrence S. Rombaon Sr.
Secretary A
Contact #: +639392059674

Atty. Reynel M. Beriña 
Legal Counsel
Contact #: +63 (054) 299-2621
Division Managers

Marietta H. Cruzata
Administrative Division
Contact #: +639182935404

Maribeth O. Marzan
Commercial Division
Contact #: +639192213368

Engr. Amy D. Rariza
Technical Division
Contact #: +639088811672

Office of the Board of Directors

Dir. Edith C. Andalis

Dir. Angel Nilo A. Bagamasbad Jr.

Dir. Maria B. Quite

Dir. Ryan Nagrampa

Dr. Victor P. Turiano

Atty. Reynel M. Beriña
Board Secretary

Romulo M. Corporal Jr., MPA
Ex-Officio Member

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Iriga City Water District History

On April 24, 1979, the National Waterworks & Sewerage System Authority turned over to the Iriga City Government the Iriga Waterworks system. On June 5, 1979, the Sangguniang Panglunsod issued Resolution No. 50. On September 24, 1979, the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) issued the Certificate of Conformance No. 091 for ICWD. In 2004, the district served fifteen (15) Barangays or 42% of the total 36 barangays of Iriga, and four (4) in Nabua, serving more than 7,100 concessionaires.

On June 2, 2005 , six (6) barangays were added for a total of 21 or 58% of the barangays in Iriga, plus, several barangays in Nabua, Camarines Sur, within the coverage area of the Nabua Water District. The supply of water by ICWD to NaWD is covered by a Memorandum of Agreement. The supply to NaWD is mainly because of poor quality of water in Nabua. As of April 2012, the ICWD's service connection has significantly increased to 11,339 households or, an increase of 63% reckoned from year 2007, or a difference of 4,239 concessionaires, or equivalent to an increase of 60%, covering a population of 68,635 of the approximately 100,000 population of the City of Iriga. Iriga City Water District now serve a total of 25 out of the 36 barangays or 69%. This is a difference of four barangays in a span of 5 years. The ICWD employs Forty Eight (48) Permanent Employees including the GM and three (3) division managers with 36 contractuals. With the present source of three (3) springs, namely, Butawan, Masoso and Guilid, the district now draws a combined capacity of 330,000 from the previous 266,000 cubic meters of water per month to the benefit of the residents of both Iriga and Nabua. Barangays presently being served are the following: San Agustin, San Isidro, San Nicolas, San Roque, San Francisco, San Miguel, San Jose, Sto. Domingo, San Juan, Sta. Cruz Sur, San Vicente Sur, Francia, La Purisima, Perpetual Help, Sta. Teresita and seven (7) barangays from Nabua, Camarines Sur. 

After the turn-over of the project on June 2, 2005, the following barangays are included: Sto. Niño, San Antonio, La Trinidad, La Medalla, Salvacion, La Anunciacion, Sta. Maria, San Andres, Sta. Elena-a portion is now being served beginning in 2010.

It was in 2010 that barangay Sta. Maria became an addition to the areas served with clean and potable drinking water and lately, is barangay San Andres. 

On March 19, 2003 a 75 KVA generating set for the Butawan Pumping Station was purchased to ensure continuous flow of water during power failures.

On May 1, 2003, the ICWD employed the use of Meter Read & Bill System (MRBS) for the accurate reading of water consumption.

The year 2005 is a significant year for ICWD as it added new facilities that included a 600 cubic meter volume capacity of ground reservoir in a lot measuring 793 sq.m. complemented by a booster pump located in an area of 342 sq.m. in Inorogan, Sto. Domingo, an 80 cu.m elevated steel tank in Sto. Niño and another 80 cu.m capacity of ground reservoir in Barangay Perpetual Help in a lot area of 291.3 sq.m. in addition to the existing submersible pumps there and in Sta. Teresita. Additional pumping station was added in Masoso with a capacity of 28 lps while two (2) were added in Guilid springs with a capacity of 41 Liters Per Second (lps) each. Another Booster Pump will be built in La Trinidad in a lot measuring 2,434 sq.m. at the same time to be developed into other amenities like a motor pool, staff house and extension office to serve the River Unit Barangays.

To serve its clientele to the fullest, ICWD has four tricycles, nine motorcycles and four (4) vehicles for its daily operation and business transactions.

As a commitment to the environment, the ICWD ventured to initially develop a fifty (50) hectare watershed area at the upland portion of Barangay Sta. Elena (sitio naparil). It is a project that will serve as ICWD's legacy to the people of Iriga and its neighboring towns.

Development Data & Accomplishment

April 24, 1979-The National Waterworks & Sewerage system Authority turned over the Iriga Water Works System to the Iriga City Government.

June 5, 1979-Resolution No. 50 was passed by the Iriga City Sangguniang Panlungsod creating the ICWD.

September 24, 1979-LWUA issued the Certificate of Conformance No. 0911979-

Acquired through NAWASSA the property (lot) in the BPS with a size of 453 sq. m in the amount of P 4,530.00; the Boguitis Ground Reservoir through the NAWASSA in the amount of P3,125.00, a 625 sq.m lot; December 25, 1979-recorded the first concessionaire.

1981-Granted by ADB through LWUA a loan amounting to P5,397,000.00 out of the approved loan grant of P8.2 Million.

1982-purchased 2 units of fire hydrants; constructed the masoso pump house amounting to P38,682.00, the BPS amounting to P15,000.00 & the intake box @ P31,250.00.

1996-Nabua became a member of the ICWD family ; the second ADB assisted loan was availed; Acquired a 153 sqm lot from Al Oliva in the amount of P68,500.00; computerization begun.

1998-purchased mimeographing machine in the amount of P86,250.00; Sharp copier in the amount of P51,000.00; Facsimile Machine in the amount of P11,000.00

In August 2000 the 496 sqm lot from Felisa Pimentel where the administration building stands was finally settled in the amount of P87,708.68

2001-a camera was purchased in the amount of P14,296 for use in taking pictures primarily for illegal connections and activities of the district

November 2001-Toyota Hi-Ace was purchased in the amount of P770,000.00.

Nov. 27, 2002 a 793 sq. m lot was acquired from Ernestina Taduran in the amount of P803,713.50 where the Sto. Domingo Ground Reservoir lies 

Dec. 23, 2002 a 642 sq. m lot in San Nicolas was acquired from the Heirs of Pilar Vargas in the amount of P686,913.00 where the latest GPS stands

February 13, 2003-The Comprehensive Improvement Program actually started.

March 19, 2003-purchased the 75 KVA Generating Set @ P405,000.00

March 2003-Toyota Hi-Lux 4 X 4 2.8 diesel engine was acquired through the CIP loan amounting to P1,496,000.00 provided by the J. Santos Construction, Inc.

April 2003-purchased 5 units of Meter Read & Billing system (MRBS) @ P218,000.00

2003-purchased one unit Video Camera @ P41,599.00

Feb. 23, 2003- a 220 sq. m lot was acquired from the Heirs of Baldomero Paldo in the amount of P66,000.00 where the Perpetual Help Ground Reservoir stands.

May 1, 2003-MRBS was used in meter reading

July 1, 2003-hired six additional personnel filling up previous vacant positions

Aug. 25, 2003 an additional 91.30 sq. m lot also from the Heirs of Baldomero Paldo was acquired in the amount of P27,390.00 where the Perpetual Help Ground Reservoir is located

January 26, 2004-Isuzu Passenger Van (IPV) was purchased in the amount of P653,000.00

February 12, 2004-construction of the annex bldg. started & was finished on July 10, 2004

June 3, 2004-Vicente Igana's lot measuring 342 sq.m where the Sto. Domingo Booster Pump stands was acquired in the amount of P342,000.00

June 15, 2004-acquired a 2,434 sq.m. lot from Teofila Oasnon Cabañero amounting to P730,200.00 to be used as site for the booster pump, motor pool, extension office & staff house. Construction of the mechanical workshop was finished.

June 2, 2005 the Comprehensive Improvement Program under the STWSSP LWUA-ADB assisted loan amounting to P87.713 million was turned over to ICWD with the guest of honor no less than the LWUA Administrator Lorenzo H. Jamora.

April 18, 2005, Engr. Beda B. Malazarte filed a leave of absence and extended until June 30, 2005. June 30, 2005 GM Beda filed his resignation due to health reasons.

July 1, 2005-implementation of the e-procurement law on purchases

Dec. 16, 2005-acquired new mimeographing machine

Feb. 01, 2006 - Mr. Perfecto Ignatius D. Chua Cheng IV was appointed as General Manager.

Feb. 01, 2008 - Engr. Ajerco Comia was designated as Interim General Manager

Aug. 01, 2008 - Atty. Annalyn C. Tayag was appointed Substitute General Manager

June 01, 2009 - Engr. Pablo B. Bercilla was designated as Interim General Manager due to partial take-over of management by LWUA.

July 15, 2010 - Mr. Romulo M. Corporal, Jr. was appointed as General Manager up to the present.

Under the new stewardship, following are the latest accomplishments adding up to the assets of ICWD:
  • January 2011-Queing Machine was acquired to facilitate transactions during due dates of payment in the commercial division amounting to P19,198.00.
  • March 2011-purchase of one motorcycle P71,163.16 for use by the Technical Division.
  • June 2011-Expansion project with a length of 220 meters on Dao St., Brgy. Sto Domingo with a project cost of P18,524.51.
  • June 2011-Expansion project on La Tombo St., San Antonio measuring 300 meters and a cost of P19,262.45.
  • June 2011-Lateral expansion on Ragay St., Napoporo, San Antonio stretching 1200 meters and a project cost of P82,107.10.
  • June 2011-Lateral expansion on Balayan St., Sto Niño, a 900 meter project was finished at a cost of P58,647.36.
  • June 2011-Lateral expansion on Tanguili St., corner Guevarra St., Sta. Elena with a length of 1164 meters and costing P162,304.16.
  • June 2011-Lateral expansion on Sabalan St., La Medalla, with a length of 1800 meters with a project cost of P121,256.09.
  • June 2011-Lateral expansion on Ma. Cristina St., San Antonio measuring 220 meters amounting to P13,776.94.
  • June 2011-Lateral expansion Sugod St., La Anu7nciacion, with a length of 1000 meters amounting to P72,983.87.
  • August 2011-six sets of Meter Reader Bill & Collection gadgets were purchased in the amount of P416,640.00.
  • October 2011-one unit of centrifugal pump model 80-20, at a cost of p396,913.00.
  • January 2012-purchase of generating set for use at the Guilid Pumping Station amounting to P1.2 Million.
  • May 2012-one Honda motorcycle TMX 155 costing P71,163.14 for the Technical Division. These motorcycles will replace the old and worn out motorcycles being used for maintenance and connection services.
  • Toyota L Pick up assembled
  • Toyota Hi-ace
  • Toyota Hi lux
  • Isuzu IPV
  • Four units tricycles with Yamaha 100cc motorcycles
  • One unit tricycle with Yamaha
  • Eight Yamaha Scooters
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